Buy Quality, Buy Style

by Shane Davis
Buy Quality, Buy Style
Don’t cut corners when you are making a furniture purchase. Here are some things to consider.
Buy Quality -
  • Think about the size of your space -
    • It is imperative that when your furniture arrives, it is not overpowering in your room. It should be size appropriate and blend with your other pieces and elements. Always check the specs and measure the space you intend on putting the piece in mind!
  • Durability - 
    • The product needs to remain functional without requiring maintenance or repairs. In today's modern family, there are many different dynamics in homes, so it is important that the furnishings you buy will last. Always look at reviews of products to see how well made they are and if they will last in even the most active homes. 
Kathie Delpizzo (Customer) - “The first and foremost thing that I like about my Atlanta Home Furnishings furniture is the durability and the weight of the furniture. The weight tells me that it is of good quality. Next, I like the style. The style of my pieces is modern and rustic at the same time and blends in well with all my other furnishings. I have had my AHF bedroom suite for eight years now and it is still in perfect condition. The drawers are still fully intact and the set is still very modern and stylish. I am able to style my bedroom with any fabric or any rug choices.”
Kathie's collections - 
  • Modern Farmhouse Round 5 Piece Table Set.
  • Magnolia Manor 7 Piece Dining Room table set with the matching buffet. 
Style is a particular way of doing or saying something. It refers to a unique way that you arrange personal items. This is true also with your use of home furnishings. 
Buy Style - 
  • Your Space 
    • Think about your furnishings as an extension of who you are. What do you prefer? What makes you happy? What serves the purpose in your everyday life?
Jamie - Jamie Brown (Customer) - “I love my Atlanta Home Furnishings, Farmhouse Reimagined collection. My nightstands have charging ports so I can reach my chargers to the bed, as well as plugins for my lamps to reduce unwanted hanging wires. I also love that I can place my drinks on the tops of the nightstands with no coaster and there has never been a drink ring left. The Farmhouse reimagined bed is very sturdy and does not shake around at all when I move on it. The dresser has loads of space with eight drawers of storage! I also have the bench from the collection and it adds so much character while still keeping the sleek matching look. The old-world traditional mix of this collection makes it feel timeless. I feel like I could pass this collection down to my daughter and the durability of the pieces will last!

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