Declutter Your Space!

by Courtney Crumby

With the summer months upon us, it’s a great time to declutter and let go of things that no longer serve us. 

Decluttering has the ability to energize, release negative feelings, and recreate your space!

There are many studies that correlate your physical environment to your emotions. Decluttering your space may be the first step to decluttering your mind! 
Think about all the time you spend searching for things you need like your wallet, keys, etc. 
Decluttering not only affects your mental and physical well-being but it also improves your punctuality and timeliness! When I realized I did not need 13 white tee shirts, 6 pairs of the same sneakers, and 4 electric toothbrushes, I was able to clean my space to have a minimalist lifestyle. It used to take me two hours to get ready due to searching through my old makeup and looking at my full closet! 
Here are some tips to start you off on your decluttering adventure! 
First of all, before you go on that shopping spree for all new clothes, get rid of some old ones!
  • Closets seem to get cluttered often
    • Get a shoe rack for your loose shoes on the floor!
    • Get some accessory hangers to hang purses or belts.
    • Throw out any clothes or shoes that you haven't worn in over a month. (donate or sell these items!)
    • Add shelving to your closet if you do not have any for purses or decor!
    • Organize your shirts by color and from short sleeve to long sleeve! 
    • Throw away anything that is ripped or stained.
    • Lastly, if you have a big closet, add a rug, chair, and some decor, because if it is a space that makes you happy, you will want to keep it clean!
  • Make-up and self-care items
    • Go through your bathroom drawers and pull everything out! This will give you a clean slate to start organizing! 
    • Add some dividers or tubs to separate the items in your drawers or cabinets!
    • Go through and check all of your products for their expiration date, and if they are old, throw them out.
    • While sifting through your items, think about what you use on a daily or weekly basis. If you have not used an item in a while, you may want to throw it out as well.
    • After getting rid of what you did not need, organize your items into the tubs for easy access! 
There are some tips to get you started on decluttering in your room! After you get your room decluttered, move to declutter the rest of the house! You may want to tackle that junk drawer in the kitchen or maybe put some storage bins in the hall closet! Decluttering can feel overwhelming at times, so make sure you do small projects in moderation! Eventually, your home will be clutter-free! 

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