How to Use Mood Boards to Bring your Vision to Life

by Shane Davis

       Mood boards can help you style your home with a plan! At AHF, we use mood boards to see what styles can be mixed, how to match colors, and to plan out our most amazing visions! Mood boards can allow you to pick your favorite items and will give you a blueprint on how you want your space to look! 


     First, think about what space you want to focus on. This could be your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even an outdoor space! Use one mood board per space to keep your ideas separate and organized. 


     Next, find images of furniture, decor, accent pieces, and colors that captures your vision for your home. Plan out a color pallet that complements any existing furnishings or wall colors you have. This will allow you to create a cohesive feel throughout your home. 

      Add your photos to a moodboard by either printing them or using an app that will put them together for you. Have fun putting your moodboard together. This is your time to let your creativity show! As you create the moodboard, think about what word encapsules your aesthetic! 

     As you shop for your pieces, online or in store, keep your moodboard in hand and compare it to the items. Compare the style, color, and the size to ensure that you are getting pieces that will bring your vision to life.  


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