Let the Light Shine In

by Courtney Crumby

Natural light has many advantages, and allowing it into your home by opening the blinds or curtains can elevate your mood, save energy, increase focus, and increase vitamin production. Natural light is a free design element! Any home can be elevated with beautiful lighting peering through the windows!

If you want more natural lighting in your space follow these tips -


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Make sure your windows are not blocked by furniture.

Furnishings should be kept away from windows in order to allow the natural sunlight to come in! If the windows are facing across from the furnishings, the light will be reflected into the main space of your room!

    Keep the windows clean.

    Keeping windows clean will allow the light to peer in with no film covering it. 

      Avoid heavy window treatments

      Avoid heavy curtains or blinds, rather use sheer and wispy curtains so the light can easily filter through!


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        Choose lighter colors to reflect light.

        Light colors do a great job of reflecting light rather than absorbing it. Using light colors will bring a brighter feel into any space. 

          Place mirrors close to direct sunlight so they can reflect the natural lighting

          Placing mirrors in rooms will not only create a bigger feeling space but also will reflect light, brightening up all corners of the space. 

            Natural lighting can also increase the value of your home by making your space look bigger and more open, resulting in people's willingness to pay more for a home. It gives the space more depth and width, especially if you have an awesome view. 

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            If you do not have many windows to produce natural light, here are some tips to add the feel of natural light into any room! 

            • Incorporate light gray colors for your furniture or wall colors.
            • Add a light-colored rug, giving your home an airy look that will create the illusion of warm lighting. 
            • Use warm-toned light bulbs to imitate natural lighting. 
            • Lastly, take the minimal approach to décor

            Light up your space to give your home a more inviting feel!

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