Real Home, Real Customer

by Courtney Crumby


          AHF works hard to ensure the happiness of our customers. We strive for our customers to enjoy their products and find design inspiration while styling them! Design is not an easy task when we have so many other responsibilities, but design can also control your mood while you are in your home. We want our customers to find passion in creating a space that matches their personality, whether calming, creative, luxurious, practical, or every feeling in between. Today, we will look at how one of our customers has styled many pieces to make her home feel like her safe space! 

This customer's home feels light and airy as well as welcoming and calm due to how she has styled all of her pieces! 

 We will start by looking at her entryway server. Right as you walk into the front door, you see this beautiful area equipped with a live plant and photos of the family. While we do not have this piece in stock right now, we have something very similar, the Magnolia Manor Hall Buffet.

This AHF customer has a light blue accent color as you can see in the rug. This color flows throughout the home.





On the other side of the entryway server, she has a beautiful dining room with lots of natural light beaming into this beautiful AHF table set.

This is the Magnolia Manor 5 Piece Pedestal Table Set.

This customer uses lots of greenery in her home as it adds a calming and peaceful feeling to her day. We see the accent color coming in again with a small touch of pink.




This customer has a dresser and bed from AHF in her primary bedroom. This set is not in stock, but we have many that fit the same style, such as the Magnolia Manor Collection or the Farmhouse Reimagined Collection.





The accent colors and light and airy feeling flow throughout this room, as well as her love for live plants and natural lighting. Since she is going for a calming feeling in her home, the artwork is dainty and simple. The mixing of textures throughout this room is very intentional and allows dimension to make a statement.

The guest bedroom is the final room of this customer’s home with AHF furnishings. This room is bolder with accent colors but has the same light and airy feeling as the others. The Vintage Series Queen Metal Bed - Vintage Cream, along with the Vintage Series Bedside Tables - Vintage Cream allows this room to be cohesive and stylish. The Hartland 5 Drawer Chest matches the other furniture in room and it all comes together to have an airy, boho feel.




This AHF customer's furnishings allowed her to get inspiration to decorate and change up her home in order for it to match her personality and find her design style. AHF wants to inspire all of our customers to find time to make their home comforting and a happy place for them! 




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