Small Space, Big Ideas

by Courtney Crumby

Are you living in a small space but still want a functioning and welcoming area to live in? Small spaces may be difficult to decorate and plan a furniture layout for, but I have some tips that will help your small space turn into big ideas. 

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds have all of the comforts of a regular bed, but also can be used as an extra sleeping space or for storage. The trundle bed could double as a seating area due to the versatility of this piece. With the extra space underneath the bed, there are many ways to use this as a way of organization. For example, the trundle space could be used as an extra place to keep clothes, shoes, blankets, keepsakes, and more. This gives extra space in a tight room because the bed is small and organizational. 


Counter Set

A small counter set, such as our Brook Creek Counter Set, can be used in small spaces to provide more counter space for preparing meals, a compacted seating area, and extra storage.  A piece like this will add style and functionality to any small kitchen, giving the illusion of a bigger space with the light colors and open plan it provides.



Small Desk

If you are needing to add a working space to your small area, find one that is versatile to be used for many things. A study desk could be used as a vanity or a creative space. Having a small desk area can be used in many ways, so it is a perfect product to add to your space. 




Lighting, Paint, and Clutter

Keeping a space well-lit with soft and natural lighting will allow the room to come across as more spacious and put together. Paint colors can be very important when designing your space. Light colors will allow the space to appear more open and airy, rather than having dark colors enclose a room. An accent wall can be used here as it will bring character into any room! Keeping clutter low is very important when being in a confined space. Everything should have a place, and if it does not, ask yourself if you really need these extra items. 

Now you are ready to have big ideas for your small space!

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