Spruce Up for Spring 2023!

by Courtney Crumby

Spruce up for Spring 2023 by knowing the latest trends in home decor! Adding accent pieces and decor to your space can transform your home from the cold Winter to Spring in no time! AHF has a few tips on what you should remove as Spring rolls in and what trends you could add! 

What to remove:

Throughout the Winter months, we accumulate many decor and accent pieces to make your home feel warm and cozy! As it starts to heat up outside, we want to eliminate that warm feeling and add things that give a fresh, cool feeling! 

First, take out any chunky throw blankets. Store them in a closet or cabinet and replace them with thin, lightweight blankets. Use colors that bring that spring feeling to your home. This will vary due to what accent colors you already have. Pastel throw blankets will give the perfect Spring feeling! 

Next, get rid of the giant chunky wreaths on your door! Add a dainty one instead. This will bring a simplistic light and airy feeling to your entrance! 

Finally, put the Winter decor away. This includes any floral arrangements that you could use a warmer color in or any small figurines that could be replaced with your Spring decor! 

Removing a few items like this will give you an idea of the space you have to work with. You will be able to bring your ideas to life when these decor pieces are put up and away! Now, let's get to decorating! There are a few trends that we want to pay attention to this Spring! 

What to add: 

Wicker is in style! Bring some wicker pieces like a tray, basket, or ottoman into your space to achieve a trendy Spring look! Wicker is extremely popular right now and can be found in big-brand stores as well as small thrift stores!

Mixed metals are also a very popular option for accent pieces this Spring! Finding decor items in mixed metals brings a more modern feel than Wicker does. You can find frames, lighting, figurines, and even art that incorporates the clean look of mixed metals! 

Abstract vases and live plants are also other trends that will bring your space the warmth of Spring! Abstract vases are very popular right now. Abstract vases have very interesting shaping and curves. They are very different from your traditional

style vase! While fake plants are beautiful and don’t require any care, bringing a few live plants into the mix will brighten up your home. This could be a vase that always has fresh flowers in it or a live tree in the corner of a room! 

Light colors with natural wood accents is a trend that has become very popular recently. This coastal theme is not for everyone, but many people have been transforming their homes into this style! Spring is the perfect time to implement it! Start by adding some light color throw pillows and natural wood accents such side tables or even lighting features!

Now that you have a good look at a few trends for spring, you can get inspiration for your home! AHF is adamant on making mood boards to get inspiration and create your vision as well! What will you do with your space this Spring?

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