Texture, Texture, and More Texture

by Courtney Crumby

The texture of an item is a great element of design to add depth to your space. Simply put, texture is the visual or surface characteristics of something. In other words, the texture is how an item looks and feels. One of the easiest ways to add texture to any space is using a mix of textiles. You no longer have to stay on a consistent theme of matching your textures, rather you can add depth to your space by bringing in different feels! Different fabrics and materials in rugs, throw pillows, blankets, bedding, and furniture will allow your room to have more character! 

In adding multiple layers of texture, you create visual interest throughout your home!

Marisol Accent Tv Stand -

This style offers a blending of colors, shapes, and textures to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Unique and timeless pieces offer a new way to express yourself and bring an inspirational design to any room. The textures of the doors on this piece add a very unique design element. This table paired with the textured fur chair is a prime example that mixing textures can make your space distinctive!

Salem Lake Accent Cocktail Table - 

The textures of the distressed wood paired with smooth-lined borders give this coffee table a modern look with a twist of texture! The smooth decor on this table shows how well the textures can be paired together! The brick wall in this photo is also a great example of having many textures work together! 

Horizons Rectangular Table Set - 

A natural feeling is created by the living space as well as the furnishings that attribute to it. The essence of the urban living furniture is its unique ability to fit many different styles-Rustic, casual, contemporary-A mixture of materials with distressed finishes and textured fabrics. This piece contains many different textures and materials. The table itself has rustic finished wood on top with modern and geometric legs. The bench seat has a patterned wood top while the chairs are soft and cushioned for comfortable seating!

Even though the above pieces are from different furniture collections with different textures, they blend together to form a unique style of home. Remember, you do not have to follow the matchy-match rules any longer! Mixing several types of furniture, your space will look and feel more interesting now that you have a wide variety of textures!

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