About Us

At Atlanta Home Furnishing, we believe every day is a special day. This vision comes from our understanding of the important role our homes play in our day-to-day lives. The home is a sacred space of functionality and a true reflection of who we are. Our surroundings not only contribute to a great deal of our happiness but provide us with a daily sanctuary. We want everyone to take joy and pride in their homes with well-decorated spaces and quality furnishings. Our hope is to enhance that experience for our customers by providing them with beautiful products that will last. 


At AHF, we believe we can provide you with just that… Quality furniture… A commitment to deliver… An exceptional experience. 


We look forward to serving you here at AHF, where home is a feeling. 


AHF is a company for all occasions and generations. 


Based in Atlanta, GA.  Woman owned and operated



To help enrich the lives of customers by making every day a special occasion in their homes   



To provide furnishings that make home a sanctuary and an expression of who YOU are.



To provide excellence and inspiration



Accountable, Caring, Consistent, Honest, Relatable