Giving Back



A home is a place where memories are made, keepsakes are stored, and peace is present. We sometimes may take our homes for granted due to the daily struggles and stress we all face every day. When a home is lost due to disaster, we tend to understand how lucky we have been to have had shelter, storage, safety, comfort, and everything on the inside as well. House fires consume not only clothes, furniture, pictures, books, etc, but memories, peace, and security. This can call for a time of grieving and loss. Moving to a new location with only the clothes on our backs can fully transpire into grief with the uncertainty and timeline of rebuilding.


Seeing firsthand how a house fire can devastate a family into grief, anxiety, separation, unstable living conditions, PTSD, and more has inspired our company to sustain the cost for these endeavors for certain individuals and families. Going forward we will be involved with local fire departments to inform us of house fires, in order to help refurbish rooms in the houses affected. Our philanthropy mission is to work within our community in conjunction with local fire departments using our brand's furniture to reestablish the peace of the home. We will do this by donating our time and products to families that have experienced loss due to structure fire. We are firm believers in using our gifts to inspire and alleviate the burdens of others. We hope our story not only inspires others but gives hope and understanding to those who are involved in the loss. Spaces of the Heart's mission will allow families to gain back some of that which was lost. So remember, every time you order from Atlanta Home Furnishing, you become part of our mission to restore living spaces. On a yearly average, America suffers 346,800 house fires and $7.3 billion in damages caused by these tragedies. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our journey as we make a difference in our community.